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Supportive Taping & Strapping



Strapping tape and Supportive taping is commonly used by certified chiropractic sports physicians to: 

  • relieve your pain 

  • improve joint stability

  • enhance athlete confidence

  • reduce injury recurrence

  • prevent injury.

Rigid strapping tape commonly used in taping or strapping is often referred to as "sports tape" or "athletic tape" and is most often a rigid style of strapping tape.  

Elastic strapping tape can also be used when less rigidity or support is required.

Kinesiology tape is an improved version of elastic sports tape that acts to dynamically assist your muscle function.

Aims of Strapping Tape

After your assessment, your chiropractor will design your optimal taping to best meet your current needs, These can include:

  • stabilise or support the injury

  • pain-relief via a de-loading of the vulnerable or painful structures 

  • or to facilitate normal movement, muscles or postural patterns. 

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